Cutting Curly Hair Layers

Cutting curly hair is the hair cutting technique used to do a person in terms of cutting the hair. Techniques are used depending on hair style wanted. basic techniques of hair cut there are four, the first is Sliding Cutting, this technique produces a model where the outside of the hair is shorter and the […]

2015 Natural Hairstyles for Men

Hairstlyles for Guys with Curly Hair 2015

Hairstlyles for guys with curly hair is hair styles for men, if we pay attention to men’s hairstyles apparently there are some hairstyles trend among men and now is not only women who have several hairstyles but he also has some hairstyles. a lot of men’s hair style trend that will enliven curly haircut. So […]

Best Short Haircuts for Curly Hair

Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair with Bangs

It is good for you if you want to create cute hairstyles for short curly hair. Sometimes when you want to go to school or something, you need to have cute hairstyles for short curly hair. Short curly hair sometimes makes a problem for those who have it. It is because they are so difficult […]

conditioner curly hair frizz

Conditioner for Curly Hair Homemade

Conditioner for curly hair is the additional care products for hair care not only Use a shampoo but conditioner for curly hair too. And you should not be afraid if used in large quantities. Avoid shampoos yangdapat thicken hair, this shampoo is designed to raise the hair shaft. Using this type only complains shampoo will […]

big layer Tight Curly hair

Tight Curly Hair Method

tight curly hair is the type of small hair. In addition to an experienced hairdresser (expertise zoning and real hair cutting technique performed after extension), the selection of quality hair extensions that used to be very influential. Besides the important thing is you should use the hair with good quality. mean age of hair extensions […]

fresh curly hair shampoo

Best Shampoo for Curly Hair UK

Many shampoo products on the market, which offers its own advantages but the Best Shampoo for curly hair are typically sold in salons hair care at a price that is a little more expensive because the shampoo is used is of the highest quality shampoo and shampoo that is devoted to hair curly. Selection of […]

Beautiful Curls Leave In

Leave In Conditioner for Curly Hair Recipe

leave in conditioner for curly hair is one form of treatment for curly hair is to use conditioner to make hair easier to manage. Because it is not impossible that the hair can be broken and damaged or become more curly. So let your hair dry naturally after shampooing or can use a microfiber towel […]

Cute Curly black Hair

Hairstyle for Thick Curly Hair Short

hairstyle for thick curly hair is hair styles for thick hair models, so its use is no longer to thicken hair or add volume but to give curly hair style to look more beautiful and attractive. The most important in the care of curly hair is not too often touch the hair. It’s so curly […]